What is the Whole Body Health Program?

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Nutrition and Gut Health are the fundamental elements of Whole Body Health and vital for optimum wellbeing. Our 7 week program assesses gut health, teamed with a greater awareness of the connection between the gut and PH balance, alkalising, inflammation, the body’s immune system and its ability to heal from within, naturally.

The Whole Body Health Program involves many aspects of lifestyle with an individual approach for each client incorporating a wholefoods model. The Program is designed to assist clients, ready for change and wanting that supported transition into a healthier life.

What can I expect?

Our Whole Body Health Practitioner/Nutritionists are there to serve you and care for your health intentions. By thoroughly assessing each client’s Individual Health History, together your practitioner with you, move through the vital foundations of knowledge and actions relating to true health and wellbeing.