Who is Sleep & Snoring Solutions – MCS?

Melbourne CPAP Services (MCS) was founded in July 2003 by Jeff Collings. Jeff had been diagnosed with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) three years previously and was frustrated with the limited range of products available.

Upon further investigation, Jeff found that most CPAP providers would supply only one or two brands of equipment and the level of knowledge and expertise varied greatly. Jeff consulted with sleep physicians and CPAP manufacturers and set out to provide the choice of a full range of CPAP equipment with a mobile fitting service and an understanding from a CPAP user’s point of view. Jeff’s passion for the benefits of CPAP therapy has now motivated him to undertake a Masters in Sleep Medicine for qualification as a Sleep Physiologist.

Our Mission

To improve sleep health through awareness, exceptional care, professional service and continued support.

Our Vision

Providing the best personalised solutions for healthy sleep.

Our Values

Customer focus, Professional excellence, Collaborative environment, Respect