Depression is a common mental health problem; one in five people may require depression counselling at some point in their lives. Each year, around one million Australians grapple with depression, with approximately one in six people diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives. With help, support and counselling, you too can recover from depression.

Depression is caused by mood-regulating neurotransmitters not functioning properly. There are a number of factors that may play a role in causing or triggering depression such as genetic predisposition, your personality type, ageing, stress and other depression triggers and factors.

Types of Depression

While the severity of symptoms may vary, so too may the very nature of depression. Depression counselling can assist in recovery from all types, which include:

characterised by periods with symptoms of psychosis, for example hallucinations and paranoia
involving periods of feeling depressed and periods of feeling high, or manic
experienced in the months after a woman has given birth
chronic but less severe
involving chronic mood swings, possibly leading to Bipolar disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
where mood varies depending on weather or seasonal changes

Depression Counselling & Treatment

If left untreated, the severity of symptoms can increase, leading to major chronic depression, which can be more difficult to treat. Seeking depression counselling as soon as you recognise the symptoms will make the recovery process faster and easier.

Casey Allied Health has psychologists with a strong understanding and extensive experience in depression counselling. We can assist you in recovery from depression and in leading a happier life.

For more information or to book and appointment for depression counselling, contact Casey Allied Health online or call our head office on 03 8774 9600.