Casey Allied Health is highly experienced in assisting with these different counselling services:

Personal Counselling.

Personal counselling is an opportunity to resolve problems, improve understanding and learn new skills. It provides a supportive and confidential environment where you can talk openly about your concerns and feeling and its purpose is to help people realise, develop and fulfill their personal potential.

Relationship Counselling.

Relationship counselling is the opportunity for two or more people to address and improve difficulties that occur in their relationships. These may be family or couple relationships or they might be relationships at work. Relationship counselling from Casey Allied Health’s qualified counsellors will help you put strained relationships back on track.

Addiction Counselling.

There are many addictions that can benefit from professional help from a Casey Allied Health qualified counsellor. We provide gambling counselling, drug and alcohol counselling, gaming and pornography addiction counselling. Addictions are unhealthy cycles or patterns of behaviour that can be treated through counselling from experienced counsellors at Casey Allied Health.

Grief Counselling

Casey Allied Health registered counsellors can help individuals, children and families who need assistance following the death of someone close to them, or help people deal with major life changes that trigger feelings of grief, such as the loss of a job, separation or divorce.

Trauma Counselling.

Psychological trauma refers to the mind being overwhelmed by traumatic events that lead a person to feel numb, socially disconnected, isolated or increasingly fearful. Trauma is very individual. It doesn’t matter how big or small the traumatic event is, nor can reactions to the event be compared with other sufferers. Getting help from a Casey Allied Health qualified counsellor gives people the best chance of overcoming issues that hold them back.

Family of Origin Counselling

Our family of origin is the family we were born and raised in. For some people, the relationship they have had with their families has left deep scars. A childhood experience may have included childhood trauma, witnessing violence or high conflict relationships between parents, harsh parenting styles or dismissive parents. When childhood issues hinder adulthood, it usually helps to engage an appropriately qualified counsellor to help address the past to get back on track for a full, rewarding future.

Life Coaching Counselling

Many people harbour aspirations to achieve their goals and improve their lives. Life coaching combines aspects of counselling, training, mentoring and consulting into one coaching discipline so that people can effectively facilitate improving their lives.

Job Assessment

The process of choosing a job or career often benefits with an independent assessment from a trained counsellor. A job assessment assesses your suitability for a job based upon your interests, personality, skills, abilities and values.

Assertiveness Training

Being assertive is an important communication skill which can improve their self esteem. It can be an effective treatment for depression, social anxiety, and problems resulting from unexpressed anger. Assertiveness training can also be useful for those who wish to improve their interpersonal skills and sense of self-respect.

For more information on relationship counselling or to book and appointment, contact Casey Allied Health online or call 03 8774 9600.