Are you worried your child, teenager or adolescent may be experiencing anxiety, depression, friendship issues, or engaging in self harming behaviours that are causing distress? Has your family unit changed? Could you or your child, teenager or adolescent benefit from talking with a child and adolescent psychologist?

Growing up, every child, teenager and adolescent faces challenges, with most challenges being normal. But if your child, teenager or adolescent is not coping, you may need extra support from a child and adolescent counsellor.

We have published some helpful tips about choosing a counsellor for your child or adolescent. Our child and adolescent psychologists are highly experienced in working with children, teenagers, adolescents and their families. They are very understanding and emphatic of the issues facing the young people that present at counselling. Our child and adolescent counsellors support families through behavioural, emotional and social concerns and providing parents, children and adolescents with strategies to overcome challenges they face.

For more information on New View Psychology child and adolescent counselling services, or to book and appointment, contact us online or call us on 03 8774 9600.