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Healthy Feet & Good Shoes Are Important For Your Overall Health!

Twenty five percent of the bones of your body are in your feet. If any of these bones are misaligned, your entire body could be affected. You might not even feel that you have a foot problem but it can be causing knee problems, hip or low-back problems, shoulder and neck problems and even headaches or stomachaches. Foot problems can also cause emotional stresses and physiological changes in the body like adrenal stress, blood sugar, fatigue and many others. Many doctors look to the mechanics of the foot for proper posture but there is so much more making up the foundation that we stand, walk and run on.

Any health symptoms that are related to foot problems will get worse as the day goes on because your feet become more stressed as the day goes on.

Malalignment of the feet can cause changes to the muscles, ligament and tendons in your feet and eventually deformation of the foot bones can occur. “Shin splints” (pain in the lower leg while walking or running), “Dropped Arches” or “Flat feet” and “Plantar Fasciitis” can also be caused from the muscles of the feet not working properly.

When your foot is working properly, you are getting automatic reflexology while you walk or run.

It is important to treat the foot with respect and to invest in its good health. Another important factor for prevention and to maintain the health of your feet is wearing good shoes. A good shoe will support the foot well and prevent injury and deformation. A good shoe will support the foot while standing, walking or running.

Is it a good shoe?

Shoes that are too tight will shut off your positive support mechanism that keeps your body standing in an upright position. If the positive support mechanism is not working properly, you will start to slouch with your shoulders and head forward as you stand. This can cause discomfort throughout the body, even chronic neck/back pain and will eventually cause permanent posture problems and bone deformation.

There are many misconceptions about what a good shoe is. Here are guidelines on what to look for when buying shoes:

  • A good shoe will have laces; the more eyelets the shoe has for laces the better. The laces help the shoe to form to the foot so that the foot can work properly. Lace-up shoes are much better to walk in than slide on or most strap on shoes. Make sure you lace up your shoes so they are snug but not too tight. Do not wear your lace up shoes with the laces loose because your foot will flop around in it and cause problems.
  • A good shoe has a heel support and a firm shank to support your arch but will still be flexible when you walk. The heel should not be higher than a medium height.
  • Proper width and length are important. Your toes should not touch the front of the shoe and the foot width should not hang over the side of the shoes. You should try on or be measured for shoes at the end of the day because your feet expand during the day due to gravity and your body weight while you are walking. At the end of the day you can trace your bare foot on a piece of paper. Place your shoes on top of the template and make sure that the shoe totally covers the outline of your foot– no lines should stick out or else your shoe is too small.

There are some misconceptions that certain shoes are good for your feet.

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This Medical Grade footwear range has been developed to fulfil a need in the market for people searching for genuine comfort with style, and choice approved by the American Podiatry Association.

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Clinically proven to reduce excessive pronation, which can improve foot function and relieve associated arch, heel and ankle pain. These shoes are ideal for heel pain and planter fascitis.

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Recommended for people that are always on their feet. Propet are lightweight yet very durable shoes, proving that therapeutic footwear can be both practical and modestly stylish.

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Premium Industrial Footwear. Steel Blue offers excellent ankle support and protection, with three layers of cushioning under areas with high levels of pressure.

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Founded in New England in 1971, forever changing the shoemaking business by combining sport technology with the finest footwear in all Rockport shoes.

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Your choice of styles to fit almost any foot. Orthotic friendly footwear that can be used for plain comfort or stylish casual wear. Extra depth shoes with velcro closures and anti roll outsoles.

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