Never did Mamatha think that a visit to the dentist when she was young would lead to a lifelong career. She was so intrigued by the instruments and what her dentist used them for, it sparked an interest that lead her to dentistry college in India, where she graduated in the 1990’s.

Dentistry has come a long way with the advances in science since Mamatha was that young girl in India. She recalls how her dentist had no nurse to help her, she did everything on her own. There were no gloves, no electric drill and many other things that is probably nowadays taken for granted.

Mamatha consolidated her qualifications once she moved to Melbourne in 2009 and has immersed herself completely here. Not only does she practise here at Casey Allied Health but she also teaches at The Royal Dental Hospital, has travelled to Guatemala to participate in community and volunteer dental work for local villages and has in the past worked with The Royal Flying Doctors, helping to provide dental care to rural and remote areas.

Here are Mamatha’s tips for great dental hygiene.

  • Brush Regularly – twice a day.
  • Floss often – it’s underestimated how incredible this is for great, healthy teeth.
  • Good diet and lifestyle – limit sugar intake and eat healthy, fresh foods.
  • Regular check-ups.

All of these simple things are very effective at preventative care and if you incorporate the regular dental visits you have the added bonus of seeing Mamatha.

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