Have you met our delightful dietitian Rachel? She is enthusiastic, motivated and so passionate about what she does that she’ll inspire you to be the same.
Rachel is a qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian and her focus is about health, not diet. She’s passionate about inspiring behaviour, rather than just focusing on weight and calories. She’ll look at your daily routine and assess if these are helping you achieve your health goals. And if you’re not clear on your health goals, Rachel will help you set goals and work out a plan for you to best achieve them.

Rachel has worked across several settings such as private practice, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, hospitals, rehabilitation, diabetes group programs (including a diabetes camp for young people recently), primary school workshops, local sporting groups and presenting to corporate workplaces.

Rachel will help you clarify any misinformation you might have about various ways of eating and tailor make an individualised program to best suit your needs. She has a great knowledge of utilising Medical Nutritional Therapy for a range of conditions based on the latest, evidence-based nutrition research and thorough understanding of diet-disease relationships.

Her own health story is paramount to her being a dietitian today. During her teenage years, she was fatigued, exhausted and often in pain after pushing her body to the limit through various sporting and dance commitments, finding she had to nap, sometimes up to 4 times a day. Rachel started to think that maybe she wasn’t fuelling her body with the right foods. After changing her diet and focusing on food as medicine, Rachel noticed such a dramatic improvement not only with the various aches and pain, but also with her performance and concentration. Rachel states that she could not help but take notice. She wanted to learn more and help other people to feel what she knew to be true.

Rachel still loves to dance, partaking in several classes a week, not only dance, but cheerleading also. In fact she travelled to America twice earlier this year for a competition with her cheerleading group for an international competition. Her group came 1st.

Rachel’s passion lies in promoting self-esteem and inspiring positive body image through strategies of intuitive and mindful eating.

If you feel that Rachel could assist you in leading a happier and healthier life please give the office a call and make an appointment to see her.