Daniel1Daniel is our resident Musculoskeletal guru. A self confessed nerd, he loves the ‘out of the ordinary’ cases, enjoys researching, plays nearly any musical instrument you can think of (and some you haven’t even heard of, like an ocarina) and loves running. I sit down with him and talk about what he does and why he does it…

What is Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST)?

It’s a physical therapy modality aimed at managing dysfunction of bones, tendons, ligaments and fascia, and how they all work together. We use a combination of manual therapy and corrective exercise.

How do you work differently to other musculoskeletal therapists?

I have a special focus on diagnostics, assessment and patient education, where I encourage self care and self correction. Also weighing heavily on preventative measures. I’m also holistic, in that, I look at whole body movement, and how it’s one unit, not separate parts. This also helps with proof of concept, which is important to me, I like to make sure I’m on the right track.

What do you see a lot of?

Athletes, mainly runners. Being a runner myself, I find this area interesting. I like to treat the unusual cases. Where they might’ve tried lots of things, maybe even seen different practitioners and haven’t found success. I like the challenge. I think that’s because I like to research, educate myself and try different options.

Do you have a research background?

Yes, I’ve been involved in quite a few research programs, spending 4 years in neurological research. I’ve also been a Sports 1 st Aid trainer for 6 years now.

How do you help your patients help themselves?

I always send them home with a care plan with exercises they can easily do at home, including a morning routine. I also make sure they know why the exercises are important and how they are going to help with the problem. These include lifestyle and movement changes.

Why Musculoskeletal Therapy?

I worked with a family friend and really enjoyed seeing the versatility of the practise and the difference it could make. I’ve always been a health science nerd and MST gives me the space to delve and assess the physics and chemistry of the musculoskeletal system and how it impacts the quality of life. It also blends really nicely with the other modalities we have here at Casey Allied Health, supporting whole body health.


So if you have muscle pain, tingling, numbness, sharp-shooting pain, sports injuries or long term pain that you just can’t seem to get a handle on, Daniel might just be your guy.

To make an appointment to see Daniel, or one of our many other amazing practitioners here at Casey Allied Health, make sure you ring our friendly reception team on 8774 9600.

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