I have worked as a sports trainer for footy clubs for a few years now and have observed some very strange and even detrimental habits that our beloved athletes have gotten themselves into. As this year’s footy season comes to an end, these are the 10 lessons that can be learned.

The Sports Trainers 10 commandments

  1. Thou shall not try to super hydrate the day before the game!
    1. Good hydration is lifestyle! Not something that you do last minute. There is no point in lugging around an extra 3 liters of water that your body hasn’t had time to absorb.
  2. Thou shall not skip breakfast before a game.
    1. I don’t care how little appetite you have before a game, high performance vehicles need fuel and you’re no different.
  3. Thou shall not eat lots of highly concentrated sweets during a game!
    1. Anything with more than 8% sugar will move slowly through your guts and slow down your fluid absorption. You need water much more than you need sugar.
  4. Thou shall not eat nutritional supplements (e.g. gel packs) that mostly list numbers as ingredients!
    1. Most of these are chemical substitutes or artificial sweeteners to make it taste good.
    2. Also be careful of supplements with ingredients that you can’t pronounce.
  5. Thou shall not ignore the trainer when they tell you to come off the field!
    1. Really, if a man over 40 just hauled ass to get to you in the middle of the field some thing’s wrong!
  6. Thou shall not get taping when you don’t need it!
    1. Next person to get their wrists taped for no reason gets their mouth taped too.
  7. Thou shall not get a brand new pair of boots one week before finals start!
    1. Really….What were you thinking? Do you like blisters?
  8. Thou shall wear thy mouth guard!
    1. And don’t get red ones! From a distance it looks like your mouth is full of blood.
    2. And stop fiddling with it in your mouth! Then it looks like your mouth is bleeding AND coming off your face.
  9. Thou shall not abandon your gear in the first aid room!
    1. Unless it’s nice stuff and you don’t mind me wearing it.
  10. Thou shall not consume alcohol or soft drinks 12 hours before or after a game!
    1. After a game your body needs water, electrolytes, carbohydrates and proteins in that order. Alcohol and/ or processed sugars are just going to slow your recovery.
    2. If you’re injured and get drunk after the game then you deserve to be injured.

Daniel Carner
Musculoskeletal therapist
Sports Trainer