As dentists, we deal with a variety of medical conditions that can have a bearing on dental procedures.  One of the most challenging ones is cancer.

Did you know the best way to treat cancer patients is BEFORE they have had any chemo or radiotherapy?

As healthcare professionals, we all know what these therapies are and what they do to the body, blood and immune system.

It can be potentially dangerous to do dental extractions post head and neck radiotherapy because the risk of osteonecrosis is very high.

In fact, such patients are often referred to specialists adding to financial burden.  They may require antibiotics prior to extraction and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Please do remember to pass this message on to people who may have been recently diagnosed with cancer to visit their dentist before they start any therapy.  A dentist would extract doubtful teeth, fill those that are safe to keep in the long term, remove infection with a scale and clean and provide fluoride treatment to minimize the post therapy complications.

Cancer is a difficult diagnosis and has touched us all in some way either through family, friends or famous people.  This information is just to make things a little bit easier during those tough times.

Kind regards
Dr. Mamatha Srinivasaiah
Casey Allied Health