Stephanie is young, enthusiastic and passionate about health care and always has been. She knew, in her late teens, before finishing school that she wanted to have a career in health care, she just wasn’t sure of which discipline.

Stephanie shadowed physiotherapists and chiropractors and very quickly discovered that she wanted to pursue Osteopathy. She was attracted to the holistic philosophy and care of the practice.

Osteopathy, in case you are not aware, is a branch of manual medicine that uses gentle, yet effective treatment techniques, using soft tissue articulation, which through rhythmic movements of the joints can enable mobilisation and movement.

Stephanie believes that the function and structure of the body are closely related, and osteopathic treatment facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself without the use of invasive measures. This is why she has also undertaken a dry needling course as she firmly believes in a holistic treatment for all ailments.

Stephanie has a passion for treating babies, children and pregnant woman, also treating a variety of conditions such as spinal pain, headaches and jaw pain, arthritis and sports injuries.

She is a busy lady, just completed building a house with her fiancé and is getting married this year in her home country of Mauritius, in her down time she loves to bake and cook. Watch this space for photos of the happy couple.